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By Nick Okello Okello

It is a mandatory requirement in the contemporary world of football! A medical plan for a team forms a complete set of a squad. Though in Africa, many football clubs are run without this essential requirement due to a myriad of issues that are either professional or intentional.

This being a club licensing requirement by FIFA, all clubs are bound to have it.
Gor Mahia FC being a bench marking club for football in East and Central Africa has been lacking a medical insurance cover for it’s squad for the longest period imaginable! Lack of a proper medical insurance for this club has led to lose of dependable players in the K’Ogalo squad as epitomized by the case for Batambuze; a player whose bad injury prematurely ended what was destined be a glorious career at Gor Mahia FC and beyond.

It’s on the backdrop that the club through it’s official partner SportPesa, will pair tomorrow to unveil this milestone. It’s believed that underwriter AAR is the partner in this and a launch to kick off this cover will take place in Nairobi.

The benefits that come with this cover include inpatient and outpatient medical cover for the squad. It’s a shot in the arm for K’Ogalo squad which has suffered immensely due to lack of such plans in place this far.

For the playing unit now, the ball is squarely on your feet as you longer have to worry about your injuries or ailments anymore. Just play, give the fans the entertainment they deserve and go bring the title again home.

To Executive Committee, its congratulations to you for bringing this plan to fruition. Now, you should solider on to look at the Gor Mahia FC stadium launch, and in the nearest of time, may be, this year, unveil the Club’s official Bus.

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