Aucho: A deal at gor mahia was the BEST thing ever


Former midfielder Khalid Aucho shares about his life and time while at Gor Mahia. The big interview with the big Ugandan player reveals what he loved most and how the club shaped his football journey. The hard-tackling midfielder says that KÓgalo has a special place in his heart.

Q1 -Who was the toughest player you ever met in the Kenyan Premier League?

My toughest opponent was Erick Apul of Ulinzi Stars. A game against Ulinzi was always tough and he remains to be a tough opponent l ever faced because of the way he played.

Q2 -How can you compare KPL with other leagues abroad, you have been in (Asia and Europe)?

Kenyan league is not bad what is needed is just some good organization. Leagues in Asia and Europe where l have been to before are so organized. KPL just need to be organized right from the management to the clubs.

Q3 -Do you think Gor Mahia gave you opportunity to go abroad?

Yes, Gor Mahia gave me everything l must admit. The club gave me what l have now…. The exposure, a platform to be seen and just everything l needed to be where l am at the moment.

Q4 -After Gor Mahia you settled in South African then took off to Asia, how was life down South and in Asia?

My stay in South Africa and Asia were all good l can’t complain but truth is, my football life at Gor Mahia was the best.

Q5 -What’s your take on Gor Mahia fans?

Gor Mahia fans are some of the best fans…. They loved me and l truly appreciate the love l got while at the club. I love KÓgalo fans.

Q6 -Your honest word about the current Gor Mahia squad and what the players can achieve in continental competitions?

Players must remain focused… focus is the thing if they want to do well in all competitions. There could be financial issues in the club but they should know what they want to achieve. At times you can play without pay but maybe someone is watching you, and you never know where that can land you. Let them focus and play with all their heart and remember, to always play for the budge.

Q7 -Why do you think most Ugandans love KPL? And most of the Ugandans who have played at Gor Mahia have flourished?

It’s always easy for Ugandan players to cross-over to East African countries. Once in a club, they work hard and put in a lot of effort to prove their worth. They always want to show what they have and working hard is always part of their plans – no laziness.

Q8 -Which player did you enjoy playing with most while at Gor Mahia?

Collin ‘Gattuso’Okoth remains to be that player l enjoyed playing with – he was a fantastic player.

Q9 -Was your signing for Gor Mahia a blessing for your national team call up?

Penning a deal at Gor Mahia was the best thing to happen to me. It boosted my confidence and l knew l was at a place where more people will get to know me. To be honest, most of my fans are in Kenya and not Uganda and Gor Mahia gave me that free billboard to advertise myself to the world. From Gor to national team, l was so much at ease – no pressure at all.  Gor Mahia has a special place in my heart.

Q10 – What do you appreciate about the club?

I truly appreciate the love Gor Mahia as a club gave me.

Q11 -While at Tusker, did you ever imagine you will play for Gor Mahia?

I never imagined l would sign for Gor Mahia…. Tusker was my employer then and being my first time in Kenya, my focus was all on the team but yeah, a move to Gor Mahia was a big blessing…. A blessing from Allah indeed.

Q12 -How did you receive the approach from Gor and what was your reaction?

The best news ever to happen to me while in Kenya. It was a good one and it was about me to show the club and all the fans that indeed, they never went wrong in signing me.

Q13 – Mention three players you never wanted to miss in the starting team on a match-day.

I will mention four not three….. Ooh let me mention five, Hahaha.. Yeah, Godfrey Walusimbi, Meddie Kagere, Mike Olunga, Gattuso, and Innocent Wafula. Whenever l had those five players on the pitch, l knew we were going to win whatever the situation was – those were real winners and they made every game easy for me.

Q14 -Talk about your toughest match at Gor Mahia?

Mmmmh toughest match was against Ulinzi Stars one time at City Stadium….. it was a tough one because they came to kick everyone on the pitch.

Q15 -If a chance to play for Gor Mahia again came your way, would you play for KÓgalo? And why?

Gor Mahia remains my club and will always be my club… If another chance came my way….why not? I wouldn’t mind playing for the club again. I loved the club… The only club l played with passion, the only club l ever enjoyed my football. God bless Gor Mahia.


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