Caleb: It’s tough for me to convince my family


Young goalkeeper Caleb Omondi has been part of the senior team for two seasons now since being roped in from the Youth Team.

It’s been a learning journey for the promising custodian who has been around some of the experienced goalkeepers in the team and as he puts it, competition in the team motivates him as it makes every player work hard to earn a place.

“Competition is very high… this is because I am surrounded by experienced goalkeepers and that motivates me to work harder. It’s also good for the team as it makes every player offer his best to get a chance to play. Competition also gets everyone active and yearning for an opportunity,” says Caleb.

Picking football as his career path, Caleb says it’s been a big challenge to convince his family that the sport can work well for him.

Caleb Omondi (left) with Njau during a past training session.

“The biggest challenges I face in my career is that I grew up in a family that doesn’t understand football and so, it’s has been a tough one for me to put up my case or convince them that football can be my main thing.”

The tall young keeper who is yet to make a debut in any league fixture rates two figures as his role models and aims at helping the team achieve the best even as he learns from first-choice keepers.

“My aim in the team is to help the club achieve more in every competition and the day I will be given a chance, I will show my worth. Boniface Oluoch and Jerim Onyango are my role models, I learnt a lot from them.”

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