Coach Pinto: We have plans for players during this break


The league, having been suspended to control the spiking rate of Covid-19 infection in Kenya, clubs have been left helpless as no activities are going on – no training, no action, no movement in and out of zoned counties and no gathering of any sort.

Such is the stress that comes to those who depend on sporting activities for survival but head coach Manuel Vaz Pinto says there is no choice, guidelines to tame the spread of the virus must be followed to the core as ordered by President Kenyatta.

“At this point, we must observe all guidelines as stipulated by the government – in relation to Covid-19. However hard or stressful they may be, we have to respect them and comply,” noted coach Pinto.

The coach says disruption or stopping the league has enormous effects to everyone involved: “Stopping the league has not only physical but emotional effects on everyone involved. The past few months have been very difficult for the clubs and everyone who works within the football circles. The pandemic has pushed things to the extreme and deep end,” he added.

Even with the ripple effects of the pandemic, coach Pinto says his technical staff have drawn a work plan for players and this will be monitored with hopes of the league resuming soon after things ease  up.

“We have an elaborate individual work plan for players that is controlled and monitored by the technical team. We hope this will help in keeping them fit as we eye resumption of activities once the dust settles.”

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