Midfielder Karim reveals how he joined Gor Mahia


Burkina Faso midfielder Karim Abdul Nikiema joined the club during the last transfer window from Armenia and has been involved in a number of matches. He shares a light one with us on his stay and moments in Kenya so far.

Q1 – How is life so far in Kenya?
Life is ok… Kenya is a pan-African country with many foreigners

Q2 – What do you like about Kenya if any?
I am not really an outgoing person… I am an introvert so apart from training, I am always home playing PS games or watching some movies.

Q3 – How did you find your way to Gor Mahia?
 I came to Gor Mahia because of Coach Vaz Pinto. He was my coach at Saint Georges before I moved to Armenia.

Q4 – It’s a new challenge to you to be in a new club in another country, how is it so far?

Yeah, it’s a new challenge here and I am ready to do my best and help this big club achieve the best.

Q5 – What’s the toughest situation you ever faced since landing in Kenya?
The toughest situation I have faced since I landed in Kenya, mmmmh….. I must say the weather because, at the beginning, it was a little hard to adjust.

Q6 – Have you learnt any Swahili word? If so, which ones?
Yes, I am learning Swahili with my teammates and I know many words like  – Mambo, poa and many basics.

Q7– You have participated in a number of league matches, how do you rate the league in terms of competitiveness?
The league is really competitive, there are a lot of good teams and good players

Q8 – Talk about competition for positions in the team… any pressure?
There is pressure in all positions in the team because all players want to be in the starting line-up but it’s good because it helps us to improve for better.

Q9 – Your toughest match so far at Gor Mahia and why?
Hahaha…. that was my first game and we lost 2-1 against Nzoia. That was a hard game for me because of the high altitude… I had difficulties in breathing.

Q10 – Take us through your football journey
I started really early when I was 15 years old in the famous club in my country called ASFA YENNENGA before moving to Ivory Coast ( Soa FC ) then from there, I  went to Ethiopia ( Saint Georges ) before going to Armenia where I was playing at Gandzasar then I joined Gor Mahia.

Q11 – How have you been handling the lockdown situation since there haven’t been football activities?
Since lockdown situation, I have been doing some home workout every day to maintain the form. Even without football activates, we just have to do our individual trainings to keep fit.

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