Shakava: We lost some players but we have quality


Captain Harun Shakava admits a number of players might have left the club but still, there is quality to achieve the best.

Shakava, who was handed the armband after he rejoined the team from Nkana of Zambia says that before he left, the team had gelled after playing together for a long time and it made things easy.

“Before I left, the team had gelled because we had played together for long making it easy… We lost some players yes, but we still have quality in the team and I just hope the financial problems facing the club are sorted so that we train hard then things will be fine,” the Captain said.

On the league interruption due to Covid-19 pandemic, Shakava says it’s a big blow: “I think the interference to the league run again is a blow. We were psyched and I just wish they allow us to start training and finish the remaining games.”

There is still good hope in terms of what the team can achieve if the league resumes and the captain says despite dropping points, he believes the title race is not over for the team. 

“We are still in the first leg… yes, we have lost some points but I still believe we can compete for the title and it will also depend on how other teams perform – if they stumble and we get maximum points, we are on.”

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