Voting to start mid-morning on Saturday


The much awaited election of club officials is set to kick off by mid-morning on Saturday, August 8 as scheduled in the club’s calendar of events.

The Electoral Board Chairman, Henry Ogoye, confirmed that voting will start at 10 am and the process will take one hour ( 10 am – 11 am) with winners to be announced almost immediately.

‘’Everything is set for Saturday and voting will start at exactly 10am. It will run for one hour and we will announce the winners say within 10 minutes after closing the process,” noted Ogoye.

‘’All the candidates have been briefed on what’s on and they are in the picture of what the process entails and just general aspects on how we will conduct it. We are all in agreement and we hope all will go as planned,” the Board Chairman added.

With the process set to be done electronically, all eligible voters will be presented with a unique voting code and a link to get through to the voting platform.

“The electronic voting system is in place and all voters will have their unique voting codes where ID numbers will serve as the unique digits to avoid any sort of malpractice.’’

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