What about Mister sg….


By Cliff Nyakwar Dani

Sam Ocholla aka What About takes the reigns as our new Secretary General, following the announcement by the electoral board that he was the only candidate to successfully go through the vetting process for this crucial position.

He takes over an office that has had its share of drama and challenges in the last two terms of our club leadership. The last K`Ogalo Secretary General to serve a full term was George Bwana in 2014.

Sam Ocholla`s predecessor- Ben Omondi- might not have publicly resigned like Chris Omondi before him, but the truth is he has been MIA for over two years, with the functions of his office being carried out by his Deputy, Ronald Ngala.

The pattern of affairs in this office has had a familiar pattern for the last six years. The occupants have complained of being overshadowed by “cartels” hell-bent on frustrating their reform agenda for the club. Communication channels have been clogged, efforts to establish a functioning secretariat blocked and merchandise sales aborted; leaving the office holders exasperated. It therefore remains to be seen whether these “cartels” will give the new SG the time and space to work and deliver on his “basket of promises”- as he called them.

Fortunately, the new SG has an advantage that no previous holder of his office has enjoyed. He comes into office in the wake of a new constitutional dispensation, which has essentially gotten rid of the bloated executive we had previously.

Unlike those before him, Mr. Ocholla will not have a “Deputy” and an “Assistant”, meaning he becomes the only voice through which the affairs the club will be communicated. We hope the other three members of the executive will accord Mr. Ocholla the necessary support to work because Gor Mahia deserves much better organization off the pitch.

While he didn`t give the timeline for the delivery of his basket of promises, there are areas I believe he must prioritize. A functional secretariat- complete with the right staff and equipment, clear channels of communication on club matters such as player departures and arrivals, timely and structured sale of club merchandise, the proper unveiling of new players and/or members of the technical staff and genuine concern and support for the Youth team from the EC; are areas the new SG must do all within his power to deliver in the shortest time possible.

The good news is that he has the support of most loyal followers of this great club, if the reaction towards his candidature and subsequent declaration as the SG-elect is anything to go by.

So Mister SG, What About…

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